Jesse Stine $46K $6.8 MIL 14,972%. 28 Months.


Here are the very early reviews that have been received thus far from the limited initial “soft launch” to members of the investment community.  





– “Amazing and inspiring great book. I’ll be highly recommending it.” – Richard Goldman, Director of Education



– “Hands down the best read on trading in a long, long time. I’ve only scanned through most of it, but I did read Chapter One in its entirety (I always head for autobiographical sections first if available, and yours really stands out). You now have the peace of mind that comes with writing it all down and passing it on before time runs out. – “2nd Ave.”, -Chief Market Commentator at



-“Jesse, your book is outstanding. One of the best books I have read on stock trading. Full of invaluable details. Bravo!”  -Denis Nomeri, Trader/Investor



– “First off, I love this book! I’m only about 80 pages in but I can tell it is a must read for all investors. I would like to receive your emails. I would also like to thank you for writing this book. Being a newer position trader with just over two years of market experience with many downs and a few ups it is very insightful reading your book thus far and can’t wait to finish it and write my review and let all of my trader friends know of how good it is. Again thank you for sharing your experience with us all.” – Stephen Doubell, Position Trader and precious metals broker



– “Can’t put your book down – filled with great info and is exciting to read!” -Jeremy Roth, @SOHMstudios



– “So, I started to read it just last night……My wife was decorating the tree. My 3 boy’s are hanging around watching and doing homework… As usual, although we all love each other to death EVERYONE in the house is busting horns.. The kids are bickering at each other… They are also “Christmas Tree Critics”… My wife is frustrated cause no one is helping… Then there is the joking and kidding around.. “we’re all laughing at some silly joke”……

BUT, Here’s the thing…. When I picked up the book, “I couldn’t put it down”…..Among all the rhetoric going on around me… I was engulfed in it….I got close to about 1/3 of it before I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more…..I actually had my 16 year old convert the file to my “Kindle” although, I had to go back to the PDF to reference the charts…Lately I’ve been so motivated to get out of the “retail” end of this business and find a new “Challenge” in my life…

Your book got me all fired up!! Cant wait to read the rest!!” -Barry Cassese




-“Best book on individual trading I’ve seen in a long while ( notice I’m not saying day trading ).  The only relevant thing that you aren’t referencing is the great poker books. Cause you know Harrington on poker is basically the market now.” -James Baker, Founder Funtank, LLC, Angel Investor




– “I’ve read a lot of books in my time but I think the tone you take is just what people need – a bit of reality! Really appreciate the effort you went to with the book and also the Family and Friends! If you ever find yourself in Brisbane Australia I can send you to a few good steak spots.” – Tim Harbort-Senior Adviser at The Sharemarket College.




– “As a newer stock trader with just a few years of market experience it is easy to find good reference books that read like a college Trigonometry book but very few that are entertaining and make you feel the ups and downs that traders feel like Jesse Stine does in this book.  This  book is a must read for all traders new and seasoned  even if you have been trading for 30 years there is something you will pick up or even re-learn, or a method you had long forgotten . For me it has made me look at the type of trader I am and has changed me from a short term/day trader into a full on position trader. I have improved upon my patience, what I look for in a company , what I see in a chart and I really look for the “Superstocks” that are out there. I have read many MANY books that allude to how they have made millions and millions of dollars but at the end of the book your just scratching your head and are left with more questions than answers.  This is not the case with  “Insider Buy Superstocks: How I Turned $46k into $6.8 Million (14,972%) in 28 Months…”.  In this book, Jesse (I say Jesse because you feel like you are on a one name basis by the end)  felt like a mentor to me, showing and teaching me every method he used to be a success. Many Thanks.  – Stephen Doubell



– “I came to the book with a healthy amount of skepticism.  We have thousands of investing books, do we really need more?  The short answer is that I left a believer. This is not a book about theory or technical analysis, though elements of both find their way into the straight forward discussion of trading.  This is a “how to” book with very real examples of how to find, buy, hold, and sell stocks.  More importantly J. Stine goes into depth and explains the mistakes he’s made which caused massive losses.  Hugely important lessons….well worth the price of the book.  Discussions of how to find a “Superstock”, trading psychology, and risk management are illustrated with real and personal examples.  There are multitudes of trading wisdom presented which leave no doubt about the author’s experience in trading.  This is a well rounded trading book which includes brief nutrition and exercise advice (yes, a healthy and happy trader is a better trader). How much do I like this book?  I’m on my second reading and it’s better than the first go around.  And I enjoyed it the first time.” -A. Liu, Electrical Engineer


More to be added…..